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I thrive on the fast paced environment of our business at Rushmore. Laws and regulations are continually changing in our industry and Rushmore does an excellent job of keeping us up to date and educated on all the changes.”
Jared Kops
One style does not fit all in terms of management. My focus is on career development for the people who genuinely want to grow and advance in their career.”
Management encourages people to expand their skills and to seek out new responsibility, creating opportunities where they can fit the business.”
Rushmore is looking for individuals who go above and beyond their responsibilities and are able to find improvements within their work process. Rushmore is a company that highly values skill, mindset, and motivation and will reward those traits.”
Accounting may often be overlooked, but I think it can be the backbone and a great support to a thriving company like Rushmore. It’s a job I love doing at a company I enjoy doing it at.”