Hurricane Insurance Claims


Need Help Filing an Insurance Claim? We’re Here to Help.

Our hearts go out to all who were impacted by the recent hurricanes.  The Rushmore Loan Management team is committed to helping our customers navigate the recovery process.  The information below will help you with insurance claims, disaster assistance and more.

Steps To Take For Filing Insurance Claims

  1. Contact your homeowner insurance company to report the damage, determine your coverage and file a claim. If you need help filing a claim, contact Rushmore’s insurance department at (866)735-2998.  If you have flood damage and have a separate flood insurance policy, contact that insurance provider as well.
  2. If you do not have insurance, contact our insurance department at 866-735-2998 to discuss possible options. In some scenarios, Rushmore may have acquired insurance on your behalf to protect your property.
  3. Register for Disaster Assistance — Especially If You Don’t Have Flood Insurance. Visit or call the registration phone number at 800-621-FEMA (3362). Coverage may vary, and there may be resources available to you that are not covered under your insurance.
  4. Call the Rushmore Loan Management hurricane disaster line at (877) 380-3499 to let us know how your home has been impacted, and update your contact information and address if you have been temporarily relocated. We may be able to provide you additional assistance while you’re rebuilding your home.
  5. If your hurricane damage is covered, your insurance provider will assign an adjuster to come to your home and assess the property damage. The Rushmore customer service team will speak with your insurance company and work closely with you, as needed, throughout the process.
  6. If your damage is covered, your insurance company will send a loss draft check (or claim check) to you.  This check will likely need to be endorsed by both you and Rushmore Loan Management. To discuss the loss draft process and how to get the claims check cashed to start repairs, please contact us at (866) 661-9372.
  7. Below is the required documentation needed in order to expedite the processing of your claim with us. 

— Endorsed Insurance Claim Check
— Insurance Company Adjuster’s Worksheet
— Signed Contract/Proposal with your contractor
— Contractor’s Waiver of Lien
— Contractor’s Internal Revenue W-9
— Copy of the Contractor’s License

Note: When you receive an insurance claim check, please call (877) 380-3499.

Additional information if you’re in a FEMA declared disaster area and eligible for individual assistance

As a Rushmore customer, we want to help lessen your burden and make this difficult time a little less stressful. Please call us today at (877)380-3499 to see if you are eligible for:
  • No negative reporting to credit bureaus or assessment of late fees for a period of 90 days
  • Immediate suspension on foreclosures in the impacted area
  • Potential Workout plans available

Additional Resources

Government Resources

(800) 621-3362

National Resources

American Red Cross
(877) 272-7337

US Small Business Administration
(800) 452-2955

Texas Resources

Texas Department of Transportation
(800) 452-9292

Texas Lodging

Texas Parks and Wildlife

Texas Office of the Governor

Texas Department of Emergency Management

Louisiana Resources

Louisiana Office of the Governor

Governor’s Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness

Florida Resources

Florida Department of Transportation Road Conditions

Florida Disaster Emergency Management
(800) 342-3557

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

Florida office of the Governor
(850) 488-7146

Emergency Shelter
In order to find a hurricane shelter close to you, you can text the word “shelter” and your zip code to the number 4-F-E-M-A or 4-3-3-6-2.

State of Florida Emergency Hotline
(800) 342-3557

Puerto Rico Resources